how can nest encourage people to use less water around the home?

partner with a new technology to make saving water simple.


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2016 Silver ADDY


Nest Water is the newest system from Nest Labs that monitors a home’s water usage in real time.

Nest Water uses Estimote stickers, tiny devices with accelerometers that stick anywhere. Attach them to the handles of any tap, shower, or toilet around the house.

Video by Estimote

With each turn of the handle, these stickers detect movement, collect data, and direct information to users’ smartphones via the Nest App.

Nest Water informs users how many times they run water per day, when they run it most, and how long they typically leave it running.

The social feature even compares stats among friends and neighbors, allowing comparison to become a catalyst for positive change.


TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS CAMPAIGN, watch the case study video.